Use of wavepackets in non-digital processimg

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Hello, neuronetters!!
Dear Ron (Blue),

                  Thank you for sharing also in our suffered
forum the news on an automaton that claims to use quantum waves
in its processing. Just this is of course the point that I deem
of high interest here, all the remaining staying subsidiary in
our professional concerns. Many neuroscientists have still no
access to the web and only e-mail, so they (including us) can-
not read the specifications.  Besides, it is expectable that
such specifications have been written with commercial purpo-
ses. Could you be so kind as to begin trying to exact the de-
tailed claims ONLY about the "use of waves" in such a processing?

                   Let me insist, to be clear. First off we need
to evaluate the claim itself, to recognize if it is serious or,
instead, revindicates it lightly, as sorry to say it is to be dis-
criminated in a first approach. To this end the sensible point is
knowing just that.  Not what happens with "particles"; and less
the beneficent uses such a device could be later put to. Any insis-
tence into these other subjects is to be interpreted as a swerving
to elude the question.  Also any explanation of physical principles
is completely out of place here.  I am sure that many colleagues
in this forum  --specially, many who abstained in some recent discu-
ssions-- need not such a tutorial.  As you know, we are prone to hail
the advance as it deserves: most enthusiastically, since as you also
know many of us can really appreciate its significance.  But we first
need INEXCUSABLY a down-to-earth description of what is claimed
as the implementation of wavepackets, clearly and succintly claimed.
It is not of course to be evaluated on philosophical grounds. And
its failure to be produced, or its being unoperational, or requiring
anything unacceptable to a Patent Office specification, would be in-
compatible with going ahead with further tests.

         	    Would you try, please, to exact such a clear
and succint explanation describing how wave packets are claimed
to been technically implemented therein?  We eagerly wait for such
a posting!
              Cyberkisses for everybody!

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