Use of wavepackets in non-digital processimg

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Wed Oct 2 19:27:17 EST 1996

On 2 Oct 1996, Administrador del Nodo wrote:
> Hello, neuronetters!!
> Dear Ron (Blue),
>                   Thank you for sharing also in our suffered
> forum the news on an automaton that claims to use quantum waves
> in its processing. Just this is of course the point that I deem
> of high interest here, all the remaining staying subsidiary in
> our professional concerns. Many neuroscientists have still no
Thanks for you comments.  As far as the answer to your technical questions
that responsibility is  NTC.  You are aready aware
of Correlational Opponent-Processing and had been informed that
it could be used to model a learning machine.  As you might understand
patents and patent rights are of primary interest to NTC.  

You desire for more information is quiet understandable.  

Thanks for your understanding and interest.
Ron Blue

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