semantic categorisation and movement

kenneth paul collins KPCollins at
Thu Oct 3 01:42:31 EST 1996

Michael A. Lebedev, Ph.D. wrote:
> An alternative interpretation:
> Pictures with living objects are just the one that can be recognized
> easier.  All these rabbits, elephants, ducks etc. are less living
> objects per se than they are symbols that we encounter every day in our
> lives (merchandise symbolics, cartoons, etc.).  On the other hand, the
> non-living objects that you showed might have been from a less
> frequently used set of symbols.
> Michael

your point is well-taken... I'd overlooked the possibility that there might 
be a "secondary" correlation in my prior response...

Kerry says that "familiarity" was controlled, though... I'm ready to beg a 
ticket to Austrailia to have a first-hand look at the experiemntal trials :-) 
ken collins
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