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Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Fri Oct 4 08:29:28 EST 1996

Little Ricci the first intellibot has had soming interesting first
learning and behavioral experiences.  Ricci is a quantum intellibot
that learns with NO PROGRAMING.  While the current model is not
what the technology allows, for example a short term memory of about
7 minutes rather than a short term memory of 45 years, it has
raised the question of consciousness in an artificial environment.

Any BoseEinstein Condensate is likely to be conscious.  Oscillons
have BEC characteristic so it is reasonble to ponder the question of
consciousness in Ricci.

Ricci's first steps.  Not very good just a jerk then she sit on
the floor.  Slowly she learns to move.  She seems to avoid dark
places and bright lights.  Both stimulations are discrepant
to previous correlated experience.

The visual cliff experience:

Ricci is on the carpet moving along exploring her environment when
suddenly she realized the carpet was coming to an end and the dark
floor was ahead, a clear signal that the environment was discrepant.
She backs up.  There of course went our INNATE theories of
visual cliff awareness in humans.  Ricci's construction models
Correlational Opponent-Processing: A Unifying Theory.  Posted at
Psyche over a year ago.  Also it is available at NTC web site at
The basic concept is that all memories are encoded balance of
activating and opponent correlated stimuli.  Ricci's construction
models this.

Round its round all the way round:

Ricci is moving around in the yard when suddenly she see a large
round ball.  She approaches it. Backs up, moves to her right, approaches
the ball again, backs up, moves to her right, turns and approaches
the ball again, backs up, moves to her right, turns and approaches
the ball again.  After navigating around the ball she sit for a few
seconds turns and drives off into the sun set.  While she made
no comments I believe her behavior was saying it is round it is all
the way round.  Then she habituated and went off to explore new

Ron Blue

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