GABA(B) localization in hippocampus?

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>>Does anyone know if the distribution of GABA(B) receptors in the 
>>hippocampus has been determined?  A reasonably comprehensive 
>>literature search turned up studies of localization of GABA(B)
>>receptors in cerebellum, vestibular nucleus, central auditory 
>>system of the brown bat, and rat GI tract, but nothing from the
>Hi Hannah,
>I'm interested to know what kinds of techniques were used in those
>localization studies. The GABA-B receptor hasn't been purified or cloned
>yet, and I wasn't aware of any antibodies against it. I'm also guessing
>it is hard to do autoradiographic binding because it has a pretty low
>affinity as G-protein coupled receptors go. So that leaves
>electrophysiological techniques mainly, right? 

Actually, I'm familiar with the electrophysiology results, that's why
I was hoping to hear about other methods.  The techniques in the studies
I alluded to above vary: they include using radiolabeled GABA (having
previously applied something called isoguvacine to block GABA(A) sites),
radiolabeled baclofen, an antibody against baclofen, and even a mAb
raised against the GABA(B) receptor (K. Nakajima et al., 1996).  Some 
other readers have pointed me to the work of N. Bowery for localization
in hippocampus, but I haven't gotten around to looking those references
up yet. :(

Thanks for the info!

- Hannah Dvorak

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