electronic brain stimulation

Jeremy Gauntlett-Gilbert jg3 at st-and.ac.uk
Mon Oct 7 07:37:40 EST 1996

Corey Cleland (Corey-Cleland at UIOWA.EDU) wrote:

: >Students at my high school need information about electronic brain
: >stimulation... is it a frequent course of therapy for any diseases,
: >what is done to the patient, what are the results, where can we find
: >other information about it.

: >TIA

Let me add one more application to the list. Chronically implanted 
stimulators are being used to help patients with Parkinson's disease. 
They are implanted into areas such as the thalamus and the globus
pallidus, and they appear to block the action of the cells that
cause tremor. One paitent that I see (as an experimental psychologist)
has a permanently implanted electrode buried in his brain and below
the skin, which can be switched on and off from outside using a magnet.


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