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> what is it, that i have posted that is incorrect?  depression, as clinicians
> who care for this disorder have defined it, is the most common psychological
> disorder.  further, the majority of people who suffer depression are not
> suicidal, so i don't know who would call it, generally, life-threatening.

the whole clinical conceptualization of "depression" as an "illness" rises out of 
an Ignorance of the manner in which our nervous systems process information... 
there is no "magic"... when one learns anything, the learning takes the form of 
Physically-Real microscopic modifications to the neural architecture... 
thereafter, if it turns out that what had been formerly learned is actually 
False, all of the Physically-Real micro mods do not, somehow, just disappear... 
they are Real Physical Stuff... and they must be dis_integrated in a process that 
constitutes Real Physical Work... they cannot just be "wished" away... as the 
Physically Real micro mods are being dis_integrated, however, the system 
experiences an increased degree of randomness within its ongoing neural 
activation... if left unchecked, this increased neural-activation randomness 
would tend to be reflected in behavioral manifestations... and if such were to 
occur unchecked, a person's behavior would constitute a stimulus set that would 
tend, strongly, to evoke "moving-away-from" behaviors on the parts of others... 
and this would cut the first person off from the social interaction upon which 
his Life depended...

...the mechanism of "depression" is actually a fully-functional mechanism that 
has been =purposfully= "engineered" into CNS function by evolutionary dynamics... 
its function is to "quiet" behavior in the midst of the neural activation "storm" 
that one experiences while formerly-acquired, but 
through-further-experience-proven-False micro mods are dis_integrating (being 
"rendered useless", AoK, Ap8)... other words, what's been referred to as "depression" constitutes the 
externally-observable stuff of an exquisitely-functional mechanism upon which 
every person's survival is =totally= dependent...

=any= artificial interference with this mechanism via ECT, Drugs, "torture", 
"institutionalization", or any other manifestation of Ignorance with respect to 
what that which has been referred to as "depression" actually is... is 
destructive of the innate functionality of the mechanism of "depression"... is through such =Ignorance= that that which has been referred to as 
"depression" has acquired its deadly-serious qualities... it is through Stupidity 
promulgated by Ignorant people who value dollars more than they respect Life that 
"depression" has become "the most-common 'psychiatric' condition"...'s darkly-hilarious... =everybody= gets "depressed"... it =must= be so 
because the very life within us, and all of our social interactions, are 
=totally= dependent upon this beautifully-"engineered, mechanism that is a 
purposeful part of our genetic inheritance... yet the professionals categorize 
the functioning of this beautiful mechanism as "pathological" :-)

...I'll tell you what's "pathological"... =Ignorance= which inflicts such 
Stupidity upon innocents is what's pathological... 
> i am afraid you do not encourage a rigorous search for truth from me, k.p.
> collins.
> one cannot debate what one has not defined, anyway. for the record, i'll stick
> with the DSM-IV definition, since basic scientific methodolgy requires that
> we define our variables so that we can study them and have meaningful
> conversations with other clinicians and/or scientist about
> them.

Here is the difference between us... I have studied the Neuroscience experimental 
results, so I understand that "memories" are encoded in Physically-Real 
microscopic trophic modifications to the nerual circuitry... I understand that 
there is no "magic"... I understand that, if those micro mods are "rendered 
useless", neural activation gets a bit random, and I understand that the 
exquisitly-"engineered" mechanism of "depression" comes to folks' rescue in the 
midst of that neural activation "storm"... for me, everything is 
completely-rigorous, and reduces to the proven Neuroscience experimental 

...if you believe that ECT, Drug, or other externally-applied manipulation of the 
biological functionality is "appropriate", I must tell you that your position is 
thoroughly contradicted by the body of Neuroscience experimental results... 
because it Ignores the Physically-Real nature of the micro mods which encode 
menory... what can I say, you are a victim of the Ignorance that has been handed 
down to you over the course of generations since the times in which the asylums 
were nothing more than merciless human "garbage dumps"...

> why is your attitude so contemptuous?  are you having a bad day (or two)? is simply this... that although I've labored with all my heart, and leaving 
no stones unturned, to get "my" Science right, I know how strong is the inertia 
of the Ignorance which has prevailed... and I understand full-well what is the 
=price= that is, even now, being extracted from the stuff of my Life... you think that I do not understand what are the consequences of holding 
long-prevailing Ignorance up in the light of Understanding...? my whole Life's 
Work is devoted to the understanding of that one thing... how prejudice toward 
that which has, through experience, become merely familiar wreaks havoc among 
humans... you think that I do not understand what are the consequences that will 
befall one who speaks out against the billions-of-dollars of Pharmaceutical 
Business that is constructed upon the prevailing Ignorance of what "depression" 

...I'm here trying desperately to win a hearing for my work, and it's come to 
this... as it always does... folks with a vested interest in perpetuating 
Ignorance come and lay Falsehood "on the table" before me... full-knowing that I 
=will= defend, and promulgate, Truth...

...a man should not be treated as some ogre simply because he's accepted what it 
is that needs to be done... isn't it so...? you think that I do not understand what's going on...? I do... and I accept 
the Consequences of my having done what is =required= of me as =Scientist=...

"Weep for Ignorance while there is Life in me"... K. P. Collins
People hate because they fear, and they fear because
they do not understand, and they do not understand 
because hating is less work than understanding.

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