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Mon Oct 7 22:48:05 EST 1996

kenneth paul collins wrote:
> ...I don't disagree that, currently, what's been referred to as "depression" does
> constitute a major problem... but, within my means to do so, I'll gladly go before
> any Scientists, anywhere, to demonstrate that what you've posted is incorrect... it

OK, I'm a scientist (sorry, Scientist, you illiterate moron).
Demonstrate away. Ho, hum.

> is, in fact, the general failure to recognize what "depression" actually is that has
> artificially created a life-threatening "psychological disorder"

Let me rejig your sentence into clearly understood English:

"Depression" is a life-threatening disorder because of a general failure
to understand what it is. 

There seems to be an implication that if only it were understood what
depression was then it wouldn't be life-threatening. Please enlighten
us. I can hardly wait.

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