electronic brain stimulation

Leochner leochner at aol.com
Mon Oct 7 12:03:47 EST 1996

>Students at my high school need information about electronic brain
>stimulation... is it a frequent course of therapy for any diseases,
>what is done to the patient, what are the results, where can we find
>other information about it.

I have had electronic brain stimulation for Epilepsy.  They (The Cleveland
Clinic) placed subdural electrodes on my temporal and occipital lobes.

Recording of my seizures was done to determine the seizure focus.
Stimulation was done to verify my speech center and visual fields.  

The siezure focus was able to be removed (my left hippocampus).  I am no
longer having complex-partial seizures.

An additional  idea for you to look into!

ML Leochner  

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