NEW Joint ICNN'97: NNC/INNS Call For Papers

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Mon Oct 7 10:33:15 EST 1996

>Note:  Please distribute this announcement.
>The IEEE Virtual Intelligence Standards formal working groups
>(NN,FZ,EC,VR) are planning activities in conjunction with the joint conference.
>To participate or make suggestions, contact VI Sponsor Chair,
>Mary Lou Padgett at m.padgett at  See
>>IEEE-NNC and INNS, in the spirit of earlier IJCNN's,
>>Co-sponsor ICNN97 and Future Conferences ...
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>>New ICNN '97 Call for Papers
>>Westin Galleria Hotel, Houston, Texas, USA 
>>Tutorials June 8, Conference June 9-12, 1997
>> NNC....... IEEE....... INNS 
>>This conference is a major international forum for
>>researchers, practitioners and policy makers interested in natural 
>>and artificial neural networks. Submissions of papers related,
>>but not limited, to the topics listed below are invited.
>>  Applications
>>  Architectures
>>  Associative Memory
>>  Cellular Neural Networks
>>  Computational Intelligence
>>  Cognitive Science
>>  Data Analysis
>>  Fuzzy Neural Systems
>>  Genetic and Annealing Algorithms
>>  Hardware Implementation (Electronic and Optical)
>>  Hybrid Systems
>>  Image and Signal Processing
>>  Intelligent Control
>>  Learning and Memory
>>  Machine Vision
>>  Model Identification
>>  Motion Vision
>>  Motion Analysis
>>  Neurobiology
>>  Neurocognition
>>  Neurosensors and Wavelets
>>  Neurodynamics and Chaos
>>  Optimization
>>  Pattern Recognition
>>  Prediction
>>  Robotics
>>  Sensation and Perception
>>  Sensorimotor Systems
>>  Speech, Hearing, and Language
>>  System Identification
>>  Supervised/Unsupervised Learning
>>  Time Series Analysis
>>PAPER SUBMISSION: Papers must be received by the
>>Technical Program Co-Chairs by November 1, 1996.
>>Papers received after that date will be returned unopened.
>>International authors should submit their work via Air Mail or 
>>Express Courier so as to ensure timely delivery. All submissions 
>>will be acknowledged by electronic or postal mail.
>>Mail all papers to 
>>Prof. James M. Keller,
>>Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department;
>>217 Engineering Building West;
>>University of Missouri; Columbia, MO 65211 USA.
>>Phone: (573) 882-7339.
>>General Chair, Prof. Nicolaos B. Karayiannis, at Karayiannis at UH.EDU;
>>Program Co-Chairs: 
>>Prof. Daniel S. Levine , at b344dsl at ;
>>Prof. Keller, at keller at ;
>>Prof. Raghu Krishnapuram, at raghu at 
>>or other members of the Program Committee with questions.
>>Six copies (one original and five copies) of the paper must be submitted.
>>Papers must be camera-ready on 8 1/2 by 11 white paper,
>>one-column format in Times or similar font style, 10 points or larger 
>>with one inch margins on all four sides.
>>Do not fold or staple the original camera-ready copy.
>>Four pages are encouraged; however, the paper must not 
>>exceed six pages, including figures, tables, and references,
>>and should be written in English.
>>Submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines above
>>will be returned unreviewed.
>>Centered at the top of the first page should be
>>the complete title, author name(s), and postal and electronic mailing
>>In the accompanying letter, the following information must be included:
>>	  Full Title of the Paper
>>	  Technical Area (First and Second Choices)
>>	  Corresponding Author 
>>	  (Name, Postal and E-Mail Addresses, Telephone & FAX Numbers)
>>	  Preferred Mode of Presentation (Oral or Poster)
>>PAPER REVIEW: Papers will be reviewed by senior researchers
>>in the field and authors will be informed of the decisions
>>by January 2, 1997.
>>Authors of accepted papers will be allowed to revise their papers, 
>>and the final versions must be received by February 1, 1997.
>>BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARDS: To qualify, a student or 
>>group of students must contribute over 70% of the 
>>paper and be the PRIMARY AUTHORS(S).
>>The submission should clearly indicate that the paper is to be considered 
>>for the best student paper award, the amount of contribution 
>>by the student, current level of study, and e-mail address.
>>SPECIAL SESSIONS: Proposals for plenary and panel sessions 
>>must be submitted to the 
>>Plenary/Special Sessions Chair , Jacek Zurada by October 15, 1996.
>>TUTORIALS: Proposals for tutorials must be submitted to the 
>>Tutorials Chair , John Yen, by October 15, 1996.
>>A large group of vendors and participants from 
>>industry, academia and government are expected.
>>Potential exhibitors may request information from the 
>>Exhibits Chair, Joydeep Ghosh..
>>For technical information on the conference, 
>>please contact members of the Organizing Committee 
>>Conference Secretariat: Meeting Management,
>>2603 Main Street, #690, Irvine, CA 92714 
>>Phone: (714) 752-8205 Fax: (714) 752-7444 
>>Email: Meeting Mgt at 
>>New Web Site:
>> (Mary Lou Padgett)
>> Original Web Sites: (Bogdan M. Wilamowski 
>> e-mail wilam at 
>>Comments/questions on new ICNN'97:
>>General Chair, Nicolaos B. Karayiannis
>>Email: Karayiannis at UH.EDU 
>>INNS Board of Governors Member: Daniel S. Levine 
>>Email:b344dsl at 
>>NEW ICNN'97 
>>Members of the Organizing Committee
>>General Chair
>>Prof. Nicolaos B. Karayiannis
>>Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
>>University of Houston
>>Houston TX 77204-4793, USA
>>Phone: (713) 743-4436
>>Fax: (713) 743-4444
>>Email: Karayiannis at UH.EDU 
>>Technical Program and Proceedings Co-Chairs
>>Prof. James M. Keller 
>>Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department
>>217 Engineering Building West
>>University of Missouri
>>Columbia, MO 65211 USA
>>Phone: (573) 882-7339
>>Fax: (573) 882-0397
>>Email: keller at 
>>Prof. Raghu Krishnapuram
>>University of Missouri
>>Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department
>>Columbia MO 65211 USA
>>Phone: (573) 882-7766
>>Fax: (573) 882-0397
>>Email: raghu at 
>>Prof. Daniel S. Levine 
>>Univ. of Texas at Arlington
>>Department of Psychology
>>Arlington, TX 76019-0408
>>Phone 817-272-3598
>>Fax 817-272-2364
>>Email: b344dsl at 
>>Tutorials Chair
>> Prof. John Yen 
>>Texas A&M University
>>Dept. of Computer Science
>>301 Harvey R. Bright Bldg.
>>College Station TX 77843-3112 USA
>>Phone: (409) 845-5466
>>Fax: (409) 847-8578
>>Email: yen at
>>Publicity Chair
>>Mary Lou Padgett 
>>Auburn University or Padgett Computer Innovations, Inc. (PCI-INC) 
>>1165 Owens Road
>>Auburn AL 36830 US
>>Phone: (334) 821-2472
>>Fax: (334) 821-3488
>>Email: m.padgett at 
>>Exhibits Chair
>>Prof. Joydeep Ghosh 
>>University of Texas
>>Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
>>Engineering Sciences Building (ENS) 516
>>Austin TX 78712-1084 USA
>>Phone: (512) 471-8980
>>Fax: (512) 471-5907
>>Email: ghosh at 
>>Plenary/Special Sessions Chair 
>>Prof. Jacek M. Zurada 
>>University of Louisville
>>Dept. of Electrical Engineering
>>Louisville KY 40292 USA
>>Phone: (502) 852-6314
>>Fax: (502) 852-6807
>>Email: jmzura02 at 
>>International Liaison Chair
>>Prof. Sankar K. Pal
>>Machine Intelligence Unit
>>Indian Statistical Institute
>>203 B. T. Road
>>Calcutta 700 035 INDIA
>>Phone: (0091)-33-556-8085
>>Fax: (0091)-33-556-6925
>>Fax: (0091)-33-556-6680
>>Email: sankar at 
>>Finance Chair
>>Prof. Ben H. Jansen
>>University of Houston
>>Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
>>Houston TX 77204-4793 USA
>>Phone: (713) 743-4431
>>Fax: (713) 743-4444
>>Email: bjansen at
>>Local Arrangements Chair 
>>Prof. Heidar A. Malki
>>University of Houston
>>Electrical-Electronics Department
>>Houston TX 77204-4083 USA
>>Phone: (713) 743-4075
>>Fax: (713) 743-4032
>>Email: malki at 
>>ICNN 97 Tutorial Proposal Submission Guideline 
>>Tutorial proposals for 
>>1997 IEEE International Conference on Neural Networks (ICNN 97)
>>are solicited. The proposal should be prepared using the format described
>>Proposal Format
>>The proposal should contain the following information: 
>>Title and expected duration of the tutorial
>>Objective and expected benefit of the tutorial participants
>>Target audience and their required background
>>A one paragraph justification about the timing of the tutorial. 
>>A topic that is in its infancy or is too mature is not likely to be suitable.
>>Therefor, the timing of the proposed tutorial should be justified in terms of 
>>(1) the amount of interest in its subject area and 
>>(2) the current body of knowledge developed in the area.
>>An outline of the material to be covered by the tutorial.
>>Qualification and contact information
>>	 (including e-mail address and FAX number) of the instructor
>>Submission Information
>>The proposal should be submitted to the Tutorial Chair of ICNN 97 
>>at the following address by October 15, 1996 using 
>>postal mail or e-mail. 
>>Tutorial Chair
>>Prof. John Yen 
>>Center for Fuzzy Logic, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems
>>Department of Computer Science
>>301 Harvey R. Bright Bldg.
>>Texas A&M University
>>College Station, TX 77843-3112
>>TEL: (409) 845-5466
>>FAX: (409) 847-8578
>>E-mail: yen at 
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