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>* Reposting important article *
>     It would be generally agreed that the identification of anomalies and
>contradictions in one's belief is an important step to advance understanding.
>Below is a series of 22 bona-fide questions, some of them drawing attention to
>contradictions. In a spirit of scientific debate, I have put forward new
>hypotheses about the histology of the nervous system, and about the mechanism
>of transmission, both of which are designed to meet the objections to the
>current views, which my questions have identified. I would request neuro-
>biologists and other interested persons: (a) to answer these questions;
>(b) if they can not, to see if my theories answer them; (c) to propose their
>own solutions, if they do not agree with mine; (d) to provide some references
>to their key points; (e) to avoid rudeness and assumption of my ignorance;
>(f) to be conscious continuously of which aspects of any evidence have been
>proved, which have not, which are provable, and which are not.


kerrr comments:
well, just like death and taxes, here are these questions again.
I've had a try at answering a subset of them, in what I thought was some
depth.  Others have answered all of them, in a brief or comprehensive manner.

yet, we see no communication from this Harold Hillman person, who tells us
that he has put forward these hypotheses.  he does not even post them
himself, instead relying on others to do this.


speak to us !

As I have finished my undergrad. training for now and am not working on
histology/geometry of the nervous system, and harold doesn't seem to want to
enter the debate (perhaps he just looks at the answers and uses them for his
next hypothetical publication), I'll look on these as NOT a serious
challenge at all, merely something to do when I like a change from TETRIS as
my cultures do their thing.

The ball is in your court, Harold/Rae/whoever you are.

>My references on this subject:
>  (1983) Some fundamental theoretical and practical problems associated with
>neurochemical techniques in mammalian studies. Neurochem. Internat. 5, 1-13.
>  (1985) The anatomical synapse by light and electron microscopy. Medical
>Hypotheses, 17, 1-32.
>  (1986) Cellular Structure of the Mammalian Nervous System. MTP Press,
>Lancaster, pp 1-318.
>  (1991) A re-examination of the vesicular hypothesis of transmission in
>relation to its applicability to the mammalian nervous system. Physiol.
>Chem. Phys. & Med. NMR. 23, 177-198.
>  (1991) A new hypothesis for electrical transmission in the mammalian nervous
>system. Medical Hypotheses, 34, 220-224.
>  (1991) The Case for New Paradigms in Cell Biology and in Neurobiology.
>Mellen Press, Lampeter, pp 1-337.

kerrr response: I've never heard of any of these journals...has anyone else?
Please fill me in.
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