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     |                European Symposium               |
     |          on Artificial Neural Networks          |
     |                                                 |
     |          Bruges - April 16-17-18, 1997          |
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     |        Announcement and call for papers         |

Dear colleagues,

You will find enclosed a short version of the call for papers of ESANN'97,
the European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, which will be held in
Bruges (Belgium), on April 16-18, 1997.  The full version can be viewed on
the ESANN WWW server:
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Michel Verleysen

Scope and topics

Since its first edition in 1993, the European Symposium on Artificial
Neural Networks has become the reference for researchers on fundamental and
theoretical aspects of artificial neural networks.  Each year, around 100
specialists attend ESANN, in order to present their latest results and
comprehensive surveys, and to discuss the future developments and
directions in this field.

In 1997, the programme of the conference will be slightly modified. 
Besides the traditional oral sessions, there will be a few "invited"
sessions organized by renowned scientists, and poster sessions.  Poster
authors will have the opportunity to present their poster orally, with one
slide, in one or two minutes.  It is important to note that posters will be
considered at the same scientific level as oral presentations, the poster
format being a more appropriate medium for presenting certain kinds of

The fifth European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks will be
organized in Bruges, Belgium, in April 1997.  The four first successful
editions each gathered between 90 and 110 scientists, coming not only from
Western and Eastern Europe, but also from USA, Japan, Australia, New
Zealand, South America...

The fifth ESANN symposium will concentrate on fundamental and theoretical
aspects of artificial neural networks, and on the links between neural
networks and other domains of research, such as statistics, data analysis,
biology, psychology, evolutive learning, bio-inspired systems,...  The
following is a non-exhaustive list of topics which will be covered during
· theory
· models and architectures
· mathematics
· learning algorithms
· statistical data analysis
· self-organization
· approximation of functions
· Bayesian classification
· time series forecasting
· vector quantization
· independent component analysis
· bio-inspired systems
· cognitive psychology
· biologically plausible artificial networks
· formal models of biological phenomena
· neurobiological systems
· identification of non-linear dynamic systems
· adaptive behavior
· adaptive control
· signal processing
· evolutive learning

The ESANN'97 conference is organized with the support of the IEEE Region 8,
the IEEE Benelux Section, and the Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL,
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium).


The conference will be held in Bruges (also called "Venice of the North"),
one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe.  Bruges can be reached
by train from Brussels in less than one hour (frequent trains).  The town
of Bruges is worldwide known, and famous for its architectural style, its
canals, and its pleasant atmosphere.

The conference will be organized in an hotel located near the center
(walking distance) of the town.  There is no obligation for the
participants to stay in this hotel.  Hotels of all levels of comfort and
price are available in Bruges; there will be a possibility to book a
3-stars or a lower category hotel at a preferential rate through the
conference secretariat, and a list of other smaller hotels will be


Submission of papers            November 29, 1996
Notification of acceptance      January 31, 1997
Symposium                       April 16-18, 1997

Call for contributions

Prospective authors are invited to submit six original copies of their
contribution before November 29, 1996.  Working language of the conference
(including proceedings) is English.

Papers should not exceed six A4 pages (including figures and references). 
Printing area will be 12.2 x 19.3 cm (centered on the A4 page); left,
right, top and bottom margins will thus respectively be 4.4, 4.4, 5.2 and
5.2 cm.  Complying with these margins and centering the text on the A4
sheets is mandatory: the manuscript will be reproduced in its original size
in the proceedings, and margins will be cut to the book format.  Papers not
respecting these margins will be photocopied before printing, what strongly
reduces their quality in the proceedings.

10-point Times font will be used for the core of the text; headings will be
in bold characters (but not underlined), and will be separated from the
main text by two blank lines before and one after.  

The manuscript will begin with a title (Times 14 point, bold, centered),
two blank lines, the names of the authors (Times 10 point, centered), a
blank line, their affiliation(s) (Times 9 point, centered), two blank
lines, the abstract (Times 9 point, justified), and two blank lines.  The
maximum width of the header (title, authors, affiliations and abstract)
will be 10.2 cm (i.e. left and right margins will be each 1 cm larger than
for the main text).

Originals of the figures will be pasted into the manuscript and centered
between the margins.  The lettering of the figures should be in 10-point
Times font size.  Figures should be numbered.  The legends also should be
centered between the margins and be written in 9-point Times font size.

The pages of the manuscript will not be numbered (numbering decided by the

We strongly encourage authors to read the full instructions on the WWW
server of the conference, and/or to use the LaTeX format available on this

A separate page (not included in the manuscript) will indicate:
· the title of the manuscript
· author(s) name(s)
· the complete address (including phone & fax numbers and E-mail) of the
corresponding author
· a list of five keywords or topics
On the same page, the authors will copy and sign the following paragraph:
"in case of acceptation of the paper for oral or poster presentation at
- at least one of the authors will register to the conference and will
present the paper
- the author(s) transfer the copyright of the paper to the organizers of
ESANN 97, for the proceedings and any publication that could directly be
generated by the conference
- if the paper does not match the format requirements for the proceedings,
the author(s) will send a revised version within two weeks of the
notification of acceptation."

Contributions must be sent to the conference secretariat.  Examples of
camera-ready contributions can be obtained by writing to the same address.

Registration fees
                registration before     registration after
                February 1st, 1997      February 1st, 1997
Universities    BEF 15500               BEF 16500
Industries      BEF 19500               BEF 20500
The registration fee include the attendance to all sessions, the lunches
during the three days of the conference, the coffee breaks twice a day, the
conference dinner, and the proceedings.

To benefit from the reduced registration fee (before February 1st), please
use the "advanced registration form" available on the ESANN WWW server or
through the conference secretariat.


A few grants, covering part of the registration fees, could be offered
(depending of the acceptation of a project by the EC) to young scientists
from the European Union, and/or from former Central and Eastern European
countries.  Please write to the conference secretariat or refer to the
ESANN WWW server for details and availability.  Deadline for applications:
February 28, 1997.  

Warning: in no case, the participation of an author may be conditioned by a
grant; as indicated above, prospective authors must commit themselves to
register to the conference, even if their application for a grant is not

Conference secretariat
   Michel Verleysen                
   D facto conference services     phone: + 32 2 203 43 63
   45 rue Masui                    Fax: + 32 2 203 42 94
   B - 1000 Brussels (Belgium)     E-mail: esann at

Reply form 

If you wish to receive the final program of ESANN'97, for any address
change, or to add one of your colleagues in our database, please send this
form to the conference secretariat.  

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------------------ ESANN'97 reply form ------------------
Name:   .................................................
First Name:  ............................................
University or Company:  .................................
Address:   ..............................................
ZIP: ........    Town:   ................................
Country:  ...............................................
Tel:  ...................................................
Fax:  ...................................................
E-mail:  ................................................
------------------------ cut here -----------------------
Please send this form to :
   D facto conference services
   45 rue Masui
   B - 1000 Brussels
   e-mail: esann at

Steering and local committee (to be confirmed)

Francois Blayo          Univ. Paris I (F)
Herve Bourlard          FPMS Mons (B)
Marie Cottrell          Univ. Paris I (F)
Jeanny Herault          INPG Grenoble (F)
Bernard Manderick       Vrije Univ. Brussel (B)
Eric Noldus             Univ. Gent (B)
Joos Vandewalle         KUL Leuven (B)
Michel Verleysen        UCL Louvain-la-Neuve (B)

Scientific committee (to be confirmed)

Edoardo Amaldi          Cornell Univ. (USA)
Agnes Babloyantz        Univ. Libre Bruxelles (B)
Joan Cabestany          Univ. Polit. de Catalunya (E)
Holk Cruse              Universitat Bielefeld (D)
Eric de Bodt            UCL Louvain-la-Neuve (B)
Dante Del Corso         Politecnico di Torino (I)
Wlodek Duch             Nicholas Copernicus Univ. (PL)
Marc Duranton           Philips / LEP (F)
Jean-Claude Fort        Universite Nancy I (F)
Bernd Fritzke           Ruhr-Universitat Bochum (D)
Karl Goser              Universitat Dortmund (D)
Manuel Grana            UPV San Sebastian (E)
Martin Hasler           EPFL Lausanne (CH)
Kurt Hornik             Techische Univ. Wien (A)
Christian Jutten        INPG Grenoble (F)
Vera Kurkova            Acad. of Science of the Czech Rep. (CZ)
Petr Lansky             Acad. of Science of the Czech Rep. (CZ)
Hans-Peter Mallot       Max-Planck Institut (D)
Eddy Mayoraz            IDIAP Martigny (CH)
Jean Arcady Meyer       Ecole Normale Superieure Paris (F)
Jose Mira Mira          UNED (E)
Pietro Morasso          Univ. of Genoa (I)
Jean-Pierre Nadal       Ecole Normale Superieure Paris (F)
Erkki Oja               Helsinky University of Technology (FIN)
Gilles Pages            Universite Paris VI (F)
Helene Paugam-Moisy     Ecole Normale Superieure Lyon (F)
Alberto Prieto          Universitad de Granada (E)
Pierre Puget            LETI Grenoble (F)
Ronan Reilly            University College Dublin (IRE)
Tamas Roska             Hungarian Academy of Science (H)
Jean-Pierre Rospars     INRA Versailles (F)
Jean-Pierre Royet       Universite Lyon 1 (F)
John Stonham            Brunel University (UK)
John Taylor             King's College London (UK)
Vincent Torre           Universita di Genova (I)
Claude Touzet           IUSPIM Marseilles (F)
Marc Van Hulle          KUL Leuven (B)
Christian Wellekens     Eurecom Sophia-Antipolis (F)

D facto conference services
45 rue Masui
B-1000 Brussels
phone: + 32 2 203 43 63
fax: + 32 2 203 42 94

Warning: new phone and fax numbers, and new postal code!

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