HELP: Fetal Tissue Transplant

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Mon Oct 7 03:40:33 EST 1996

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>I am a Bio Major at Virginia Tech, who is looking for ANY information 
>       on Fetal Tissue Transplants.  Any one who has ANY infomation concerning 
>       that support Fetal Tissue Transplants please contact as soon as 
>       Also if you know of any news groups that could help me in my quest, 
>       contact.
>       Plese Respond By Email  
>       Thank You 
>       Kristen Batson
>       kbatson at

--Our Professor of Neurosurgery, Prof ER Hitchcock did an enormous amount of
research and work on fetal tissue transplantation in Parkinson's Disease, before
his death in 1995, and in fact the patients he did the procedure on are still
being followed up.  You should use Medline to look up: 'Hitchcock, ER', and
'Fetal, or Parkinson's Disease'.  Remember, he did a vast number of papers, so
be prepared for a lot to come back.  You will then find, from his papers, the
other major groups doing similar work.  The Swedes have also done a lot on this,
especially Bjorklund (sorry, don't know his initials).  This ought to give you
the best start in researching the subject. 
Diane Pritchatt

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