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also snipped is the response of kp collins, which i found barely intelligible.

kp collins,

firstly, we all *do* become depressed.  however, we all do *not* require
treatment.  and not *all* forms of depression are, so you've said,

and were it normal, how do you explain cultural differences, or even gender

and i have too, studied neural plasticity/learning.  i do believe that learning
is a physical event (and would dare suggest that one cannot study it
(scientifically) if one does *not* believe this....(?))

i do *not* believe, however, that the neural engram has been *disocovered*.
(if i have missed this in the literature, please enlighten me with the
reference if you are familiar with it.)

frankly, you cannot explain yourself unless you speak the language that the
rest of us understand.

depression *has* a clinically (world-wide) definition.  what you are clammoring
on about does not fit this definition.

and you do not know me, either, kp.  i do not think you are an ogre because you
express differing ideas.  in fact, that is what propels the very search for
truth that science is (theoretically, at least) based.

it is not *that* you express differing ideas, it is not even that you do not
express them very well.... it is that you express them with contempt,
impatience, and with a lack of appreciation that everyone who reads this group
is not a clinician or scientist.

i hereby pledge that if you wish to continue this bantering i will not waste
anyone else's time.  kindly respond to my email so the rest of the group can be
spared the noise.

thank you, and have a good evening.

colleen specht

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