Please advise me on the choice of a graduate course.

Tatsuto Ishimaru tatsuto.ishimaru at
Tue Oct 8 13:20:19 EST 1996

Dear Sir,
I am a Sewnior Biochemistry student at the University of Oxford, UK.  I 
am planning to further continue the academic work to obtain Ph.D in US.
Although of biochemical background, my interests lies in neuroscience, 
especially in the subject of neurogenesis and plasticity in mammalian 
embryo, child and adult.  A central question I have is why and 
how neurons are different from other cell types such as 
epithelial cells.  Preferably I would like to study signalling 
and cell cycle involved in neurogenesis, but I am not certain if there 
are other more exciting themes in the subject. My interests 
originates from possibilities of cure for spinal injuries such as  spina 

ALthough I am determined to enter an American graduate program, I have 
little informations concerning which course to choose.  I nanother 
occasion, I have been advised to consider Neuroscience program in 
UCLA, but I would like  to know  more excellent programs in neuroscience, 
especially the area of NEurogenesis. 
Upon these standpoint,  Could I ask you to advise me on the 
following points, please?
 1) Which universities have a strong research team(S) in the area of  
 2) Should I choose a Neuroscience program, or do Biology, 
    Developmental  Biology or Cell and Molecular biology suit me better? 

Thank you very much for your kind consideration.
						Sincerely yours,
						Tatsuto ISHIMARU

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