Help, please

jerry thompson jereveruth at
Wed Oct 9 18:51:43 EST 1996

I am a linguist writing a paper on the manner in which we sort, store,
retrieve etc. information pertinent to English article usage.  In 
particular, I am writing about the cognitive differences between usage
of THIS versus THAT. 

In any event, I am attempting to cite a neuroscience guru ( I thought)
from the 1970's named Karl Pigram who was, I think, at Stanford during
that same time frame.  He proposed a really radical ( at the time)
theory about the brain acting as a holographic decoding device because,
he said, that all of what we perceive as external reality is only data
which needs to get decoded in a holographic-type manner.

Sorry for this long-winded explanation of my understanding of this, but
now I'm trying to cite Pigram in my biblograph and viola!  I can't find
a trace of him in any reference catalogue of any library in the world
(so far).  Has anyone out there ever heard of Pigram's work?  If so,
please write!  Thanks.

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