electronic brain stimulation

Dave Curtis dcurtis at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Wed Oct 9 22:40:41 EST 1996

Brian Scott wrote:
> >
> >ESB is not to be confuses with EST (electro-shock-"therapy") in which a
> >current is applied across the temples in efforts to blast folks out of
> >psychological "states" that are deemed, by societal consensus, to be
> >"undesireable"... ken collins
> Steady on there buddy!  I've been told that ECT (EST) has been shown to
> be of help in clinically depressed patients which otherwise don't respond to
> drug therapy.  These people are in bad shape and suicide is a definite
> possibility for them.  You make it sound like it's a bunch of Jack-booted
> thugs eliminating the poor!

Steady on there Brian! If you check out a few other posts in this group
ou will quickly discover that Ken Collins is, as we psychiatrists like
to put it, mad. Best let it go, I should say.

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