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NEUROPL group is not a very efficient, I think, to receive a help
quickly. If you can help this man, it would be in plus for you. 


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Subject: Cognitive and Vocational Rehabilitation after surgery to remove

A friend of mine's mother has had surgery to remove an aneurism in the
front of her brain, between the right and left lobes, behind her nose.

She is physicaly stable and they have moved her to the Hospital for Joint
Disease in NYC, but she is very confused.     Apparently her brain is
having trouble concentrating and processing info.   It seems that that is
the area of the brain they operated on.   She apparently had 5 aneurisms:
one ruptured, but she survived and they removed it;  the other two were OK.
They looked at them while they were doing the surgery and the other two
were in the back of the head, in an inaccessible and fortunately, low-risk
area, so they decided to leave them alone.

The surgery was around 3 weeks ago.

One moment she is lucid, and the next she is very confused about who she
is, who her family is and where she is.   She also seems to have no real
short term memory.     People who are deceased are suddenly alive again to

It is a very sad thing to watch and I was wondering if anyone knew of any
specialists or places my friend could contact for further assistance.
The hospital doesn't seem to be making much progress and the nursing home
option is seeming to get closer and closer, as she won't be able to be on
her own.   This is something he would like to avoid, if at all possible.

He misses his mother, even though she is there physicially;  it is tearing
him up watching what is happening.

He doesn't have email access, but if you could email me any info you think
might be helpful or if you have had any experience with this type of
situation, I will gladly fax on to him any info you can forward.

Thanks, in advance.


Moshe Bramstein

mb at

ps. I am sorry if I posted this to the wrong mailing list.   I was hoping
this would be the best one.


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