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Although I am not in the medical field I am interested in the comments
that have been made about the hippocampus.  In 1986 I had surgery which
removed part of my left temporal lobe to control complex-partial seizures.
 The hippocampus was not removed at that time, however, I experienced
memory problems following the surgery. The memories that were difficult
was the year or so prior to surgery and what is known as "word finding

This year I had surgery due to the return of seizures. The left
hippocampus was removed.  The hippocampus itself was dead tissue. The
side-effects from surgery are an improved memory as well as my emotional

I have read the stuff in this subject and would like to put my 2c worth

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>> Alexander R Terrill wrote:
>> > Does anyone know what the role of the hippocampus in human memory? 
>> > far as I can tell it somehow seems to make the conversion form STM to
>> > LTM.  Do we know how it does this, or why?

Is memory of something based upon the emotions felt at the time of the
situation? If John Smith comes to you and says "I hit your car"!  I would
remember his name because of the emotions felt with such a statement.  If
John Smith said, "I like your car." I probably wouldn't remember his name
next week. The emotions felt were not strong enough for the name to move
to LTM.  Is the hippocampus involved in emotions?  I have to say yes. 

>> In 1962 Milner showed that STM was impaired in patients with
>> lesions.
>> Lesions of Hip cause:
>> - loss of passive evasive behavior though do not affect active evasive
>> behavior (in some experiments it becomes even better);

My behavior has changed since surgery. I was highly emotional prior.

>> - also, re-education is almost impossible;

In 1986 my re-education was for the words. I visualized it as all of my
words in  file cabinets. The cabinets were "turned over" when I had
surgery. When each word "turned up", it was filed into a new cabinet. 

>> - long-term conditioning is entirely impossible.

Conditionion of what? Long Term memory? "Memories Light The Corner's of My

>> Thus Hip is really vital to the STM ---> LTM conversion.

Is that why we have two? In the WADA test I have memory on both sides,
much stronger on the right side. It was discovered that the de ja vu's I
was having were now coming from the right side, no longer from the left! 
Did the left side teach the right side to sieze?! Yes.

The hippocampus is vital to the transfer of data to the "hard drive."  The
hippocampus is not memory, however, it is used to convert the STM to LTM
because of the feelings and emotions experienced in a situation.

An opinion from someone with one hippocampus!!!

ML Leochner

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