The Mapping of Human Emotions at every given 'Moment'

Murad Heerjee Murad.Heerjee at internetMCI.COM
Thu Oct 10 00:07:32 EST 1996

I have a formula/drawing/simple computer program mapping human emotions 
at every given moment, and am looking for a large organization that 
might be interested in testing, producing and financing a machine that
would be able to produce these results.

The theory uses genetics, mathematics and environment, it's something
I have worked on for many years and feel very confident it will work.

I would need to have a confidentiality agreement signed by anyone
who is interested in working with me on this project, and would 
have to be actively involved in every stage of testing.

This may involve being able to work out of New York, where I reside. 
Video conferencing/remote access could also be a possibility.

If you are interested email me at Murad.Heerjee at internetMCI.COM 
and I would be happy to tell you more about it.

Thank you 

Murad Heerjee

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