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Thu Oct 10 22:59:27 EST 1996

kenneth paul collins wrote:
> Dave Curtis wrote:
> >
> > kenneth paul collins wrote:
> > > ...I don't disagree that, currently, what's been referred to as "depression" does
> > There seems to be an implication that if only it were understood what
> > depression was then it wouldn't be life-threatening. Please enlighten
> > us. I can hardly wait.
> ...kindly, tell me if what I just posted in response to Colleen is sufficient... and
> BTW, my offer was with respect to going before Scientist in person... ken

Sufficient to demonstrate that you had nothing interesting to say.

If you want to go before me in person, then just have your doctor write
me a referral letter and I'll offer you an appointment in my clinic.
Only joking. You are already  "before" numerous scientists (still no
capital S by the way). I don't see that you have anything much to tell
us - your challenge doesn't stand up.

> P. S. please spare me from the demands of "proper English"... and especially "proper
> spelling"... not that I'm averse to such... there's just so much to be done, and so
> little "time" for the doing... I Trust that any who care to understand what I post
> will do the little bit of work that's always necessary do do so... ;-)

Well here's a thing. I wouldn't dream of criticising your spelling, but
at psychiatry school we learn a few sure signs that somebody is mad, a
loon, a nut, etc. Here's a selection:

They write to public figures in green ink.

They wear a hat indoors.

They wear tinted glasses indoors.

Their communications contain any of the following:

a) Numerous crossings out, cross references, footnotes, etc.

b) A sentence ending in four or more exclamation marks.

c) Multiple extraneous underlinings, capitalisations, highlightings and
sundry emphatical devices.

d) Multiple references to other previous works, especially with the
implication that they are a misunderstood genius who has solved the
problems of mankind which have baffled the most brilliant minds for many

All of these are an absolutely 100% reliable indicator that the writer
is talking what we English call bollocks and I believe you Americans
refer to as crap, and thus save the informed reader the turgid and
profitless task of having to actually wade through the stream of
gibberish which such writers produce. What I would like to suggest is
that you stick to your own threads and don't muscle in on anybody
else's. And, BTW, Trust is not spelt with a capital T either, nor can
"time" claim be quoted.

Dave Curtis

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