A Matter of Life and Death and Neuroscience

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Thu Oct 10 16:47:46 EST 1996

Dear bionet.neuroscience reader:

I have been participating in this forum in the hope that my
interaction with folks here would win a hearing for a
unified theory of central nervous system (CNS) function,
cognition, affect and behavior, "Duality Theory", that I
have developed over the course of the past 25 years.

Duality Theory provides an integrated treatment of the
functioning of every major nuclear group that exists within
"the" CNS. Everything within the theory reduces directly to
the proven Neuroscience experimental results. Because of
this, I can take Duality Theory before any Scientists,
anywhere, with absolute certainty that the theory will
survive all challenges.

The theory incorporates a new branch of Mathematics,
"Information Calculus", that I had to invent as a solution
to the cortical "addressing" problem (how "memory" is stored
and retrieved in the CNS, and how sensory and motor
activation states are "recognized" and converged upon).
This Math is extremely-powerful.  In addition to its strong
applications to the CNS, it makes possible the development
of machine analogues of the information- processing
capacities of the CNS (information-content- addressing,
automatic generation of information classification
hierarchies, and self-programming).

Duality Theory also provides explanations for the full
spectrum of behavioral dynamics.  Among many other things,
the theory provides concrete biological explanations for the
phenomena of creativity, curiosity, volition, "conscience",
and pain and its avoidance.  A central focus of the theory
is the phenomenon of prejudice, and how prejudice arises
within the biology of the CNS.  Again, all of this, and
everything else within the theory, reduces directly to the
proven Neuroscience experimental results.

Duality Theory also resolves long-standing problems in
Neuroscience such as why the phenomenon of "decussation"
occurs ubiquitously within mammalian nervous systems (I have
discussed this particular stuff here in this newsgroup.)

My rationale for developing Duality Theory arose out of my
observation that much of human interaction is nonsensical.
Consider, for instance the slaughter in Bosnia that our
media-bourne eyes have witnessed.  Three groups, each
supposedly distinguished through its Religious heritage,
savagly murdering each other's members and devastating each
other's property.  Consider the tragedy that the myriad
other similar instances of "ethnic" and/or "nationalistic"
prejudice have inflicted upon humankind.  In Northern
Ireland, the Protestants and Catholics have been murdering
one another, in the Middleast, the Arabs and Jews have been
murdering one another, and various Moslem and Christian
sects have been murdering one another in Iran, Iraq and
Lebanon, in India, the Sihks and the Hindi, and the Hindi
and the Moslems, have been murdering one another, in South
Africa, the White minority, invoking "Apartheid", for so
long devastated the lives of non-Whites, inflicting murder
and mayhem, in Somallia waring ethnic factions would rather
devastate their own people... letting them starve to
death... than seek out a way of peaceful coexistence, in
Rowanda, the Tutsi and the Hutu have been murdering one
another by the thousands, in Afganistan, the Moslems have
been murdering everyone else.  Here in America, consider
what the European immigrants did to the Native Americans...
attempted genocide.  Consider what the White "enslavers" did
to the Blacks who were taken from their homelands, and
brought to America into lives of savagely enforced,
unremunerated labor... the "selling off" of family members,
enforced separation from education.  In our "modern" times,
consider the riots in Los Angeles after the Rodney King
verdict.  Consider the tragic legacy of the enforced
separation from education that was inflicted upon Blacks...
lingering to this very day... devastating lives still.

The tragic litany goes on forever... everything in it
nonsensical.  It was a primitive realization, 4 decades ago,
of how such nonsense rips at the heart of humankind that set
me on the path to the understanding that is reified within
Duality Theory.  The particular "event" that precipitated it
was that, the year before, the Black students had occupied
the Admin Building on the campus of the college into which
I'd transferred as an undergrad in 1971.  The "controversy"
lingered, and as I "rubbed up against" it, it became clear
to me that the Black students had legitimate cause.  I
decided that, since life had been good to me, it was time
for me to give something back... so I would seek a solution
to the problem of "prejudice".  I thought 3 years would be
sufficient, and just decided to give my life over to working
on this problem for those 3 years.  So I began this
"independent study" in addition to my undergrad course work.
(I was blessed with one Truly-Great Professor, and he didn't
even blink when I came to him, and described what I wanted
to accomplish.  With his "green light", I threw myself into
the work.

I did achieve a significant result within the 3 years, but
to my chagrin, I found that, although what I'd come up with
dealt with tragic behavioral dynamics, no one would give the
work of an undergrad any consideration.  At that time, my
work was from a Psychological perspective.  The
Psychologists that I contacted were adherents of the
Psychological perspectives in which they received their
training.  So I decided to continue seeking a hearing.  I
thought that, surely, what I'd experienced thus far was an
anomoly, and that, surely, a hearing for the things I'd put
together was "just around the corner".  I was mistaken.

Since I was so often asked something like, "How can you say
that?  We don't know anything about the brain."  I went on
to grad school to pursue an understanding of the brain.  In
grad school, the same sort of thing continued.  So I
resolved to do it on my own... quit grad school, got a job
as a computer programmer, and funded my research with the
salary I earned.

Years ago, I wrote a number of papers, and sent them off to
journals, they were all rejected without ever receiving
reviews. The "fault", here is mine. I wrote the papers
during periods of unemployment. I'd work at a programming
job until I'd saved enough money to fund a few months of
complete-devotion time. Then I'd quit the job and write a
paper. My budgets were always tight, and the "forced march"
nature of such "poverty" showed up in the papers. Journals,
typically, rejected them without even sending them out to be
reviewed. There was a side-benefit to all of this, though.
Because I was continually up against "poverty", that
circumstance "pushed" me very hard... so hard, that the
level of "intensity" allowed me to "crash through bariers"
that had formerly blocked reification.

So, it's 25 years later, and I'm still thinking that,
surely, a college or university, somewhere, will allow me to
present Duality Theory's principles to an audience that is
capable of understanding them. I have come to this newsgroup
in this Hope.

I can say with certainty that, to a level commensurate with
the work of Isaac Newton in the old Natural Philosophy, I
have solved "the" CNS as an information-processing system. I
can take this solution before any Scientists, anywhere, and
it will withstand all challenges that they are able to put
to it.

Because the understanding that is contained in Duality
Theory can ameliorate the tragedy that is touched on in the
"litany", above, I ask that the community of researchers
allow the understanding to be communicated. K. P. Collins
5:53pm, Thu, 10 Oct 96, Hartford

People hate because they fear, and they fear because
they do not understand, and they do not understand 
because hating is less work than understanding.

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