Cephalization and Intelligence

S. Smith / R. Bourgeois suzannes at vir.com
Thu Oct 10 22:00:25 EST 1996


I appreciate the difficulty in defining "intelligence".  However, I am not 
looking to split hairs over semantics either.  I'll restate my question 
then.... Is encephalization an a_priori requirement for a species capable 
of technological advances?  I suppose this is a question involving 
theoretical limitations.  Do advanced thought process absolutely require 
the transmission speeds of neurons stuck close together within a few 
centimeters in a brain case?  Any speculation on the subject would help me.
Thanks again.


G K GRAY wrote:
> In article <3257E907.6106 at vir.com>, "S. Smith / R. Bourgeois" (suzannes at vir.com) writes:
> >Just a general question which I hope someone would speculate on...
> >
> >Is it inevitable that all intelligent beings must also be
> >cephalized?  Are "nerve-net" type organizations incapable (a priori) of
> >the rapid reponse and integration functions required of intelligent
> >beings?
> >
> >Thanks for your thoughts.
> >
> >Ray
> >
> Since there is no agreed definition of intelligence your
> questions appear to be unanswerable at present.
> Gord

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