SOS!!!!, Brother-in-law needs help

Charles Snyder crs873 at
Thu Oct 10 20:49:41 EST 1996

My brother in law has come down with some type of strange neorological 
disorder.  Last Wednesday (3/20/96) He awoke with a slight fever and a severe
loss of both long-term and short-term memory.  My sister took him to the 
hospital in Indy, the Neurologist there could find no clear cause.  His 
symtoms include: short term memory loss, a sense of confusion between 
dreaming and waking states, at first a slight increase in his systolic blood 
pressure.  His long term memory seems better now, but he still is confused 
about short term memory.  The neorologist in Indy ordered CAT scans and MRIs 
and could find nothing abnormal.  The nurses at the hospital mentioned 
something about this maybe a new virius.  I also heard the very end of a 
story relating to some new virius with a odd name that I cannot remember, on 
Canadian Radio's "As It Happens", I do not know if these are related.  The 
doctors did ask if he had recently been to California or the west coast.

If any one has any information please Email me back.  I do not know anymore 
details at this time.  If you have some concerns or need further questions 
leave me a message and I will get you in contact with my sister.  Thank you 
for your help!!!
Charles Snyder  Bedford, KY

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