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>       I am working on my masters thesis which requires a detailed review of
>the visual pathway.  I am starting with the biochemistry of
>transduction, moving through to the cerebral cortex, maybe going as far
>as V4.  I have a starting list of references, which I will include here,
>but it seems to be rather limited.  If you have any suggestions for
>articles that may be good to read about any part of the visual pathway,
>please let me know.  Thank you.
>Steven L Funk
>Masters Student
>Kumazawa Laboratory
>Department of Computer Science
>Tokyo Institute of Technology
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Try contacting Semir Zeki at University College London, UK. His
group are working on the separate functions of all the Visual
Areas. I found him to be very helpful. V5 specialises in detection
and location of movement.
        I shall be interested in anything you find concerning
branching from the LGNei to the VAs, especially if you find some of
the axons are un-myelinated.

Cheers! Gord. 

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