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>	I am working on my masters thesis which requires a detailed 
review of
>the visual pathway.  I am starting with the biochemistry of
>transduction, moving through to the cerebral cortex, maybe going as far
>as V4.  I have a starting list of references, which I will include 
>but it seems to be rather limited.  If you have any suggestions for
>articles that may be good to read about any part of the visual pathway,
>please let me know.  Thank you.
>Steven L Funk


I am working on the electrophysiology of the visual input of 
the suprachiasmatic nucleus. On a quick glance of your references I 
couldn't decipher any SCN articles. Maybe nice to include; a review on 

Meijer J.H. and Rietveld W.J.; 'Neurophysiology of the Suprachiasmatic 
nucleus in Rodents'. Physiological Reviews Vol 69 (1989) 671-707

As far as I know they're still no textbooks on the subject, although two 
are in preparation. If you need more neuroanatomy, you should look for 
references of R.Y. Moore; he is the authority on the subject. 
(RetinoHypothalamic Tract and SupraChiasmatic Nucleus)

There is still one book missing heavingly on your list: The texbook of 
Kandell and Schwartz. I have it at home; it's called something like 'The 
principles of neural science'. I think you'll find there quit an 
extensive story about visual pathways; it's a pity the SCN is only very 
shortly mentioned. 

Success with your thesis!


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