A Matter of Life and Death and Neuroscience

Lee Kent Hempfling lkh at mail.cei.net
Sat Oct 12 11:38:17 EST 1996

kenneth paul collins <KPCollins at postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

>Lee Kent Hempfling wrote:

>> Mr. Collins.
>> You have succeeded in proving what you are up to. Posting private
>> email to usenet is a breach of decorum and highly frowned upon. I read
>> before that you intend to find some other haunt to prowl.  Please do
>> not let any potential curiosity stand in your way.

>Lee, what part of "sorry, I can only discuss such things in public forums" 
>is incomprehensible...? ken collins

I'll say it again...

Mr. Collins;

You are an egotistical arrogant fool.

I know where you come from. You can count me out of further kind
discussion with you. The person who knows will keep quiet, the person
who thinks he knows will talk too much, the person who knows
absolutely nothing will say he does, refuse to divulge it and attack
the credibility of others who question his motives. In the future,
should our paths cross again, do not try to pull the 'greater than
thou' attitude , you do not have it. Your not so veiled threat will be
filed with other potential legal issues.

I see why you can not get a paper published.  you have just burned a
few more bridges. As far as your personal situation is concerned... it
is a sorrow that you suffer... but you're not suffering anything you
can not correct....being out of work and losing as much as any man
can. Get off your rear and act like one.


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