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Collins wrote:
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>Date:Wed, 09 Oct 1996 22:43:24 -0400

>ML, since everything that I did post has been removed from what you
>you should have removed my name too... ken collins

>People hate because they fear, and they fear because
>they do not understand, and they do not understand 
>because hating is less work than understanding.

What do people fear?  Negative.  I apologize for including your name
incorrectly.  I have to tell you that one of the things that got me into
the discussion was something you wrote:


>.. it's the 
>configurations that the hippocampus imposes upon the supersystem that 
>"hold the sypersystem steady" which enable LTM consolidation... of 
>course, this "cascade" can be interfered with at many points... it's 
>been the case that the hippocampi have been viewed as the "seat of 
>memory" =only= because the hippocampi are so much more 
>compactly-localized than is the rest of the neural architecture that's 
>involved in the formation of LTM... if the hippocampi are lost, the 
>effect is more dramatic re. memory than is, say, if an equivalent volume 
>of non-primary neocortex is lost... but this doesn't mean that "memory" 
>is "in" the hippocampi...

>...it's important to get these things straight because, if one doesn't 
>one is "thrown off the scent" with respect to the whole nervous system's 
>information-processing dynamics...

I printed out the subject HIPPOCAMPUS and sat down an read them. When
highlighting information those words interested me.  I am not a medical
expert nor do I know all of the medical jargon. I am interested in a part
of my brain that has been removed. I am not the type of patient that is
going to lay back and have 5 brain surgeries this year without trying to
understand what was going on.

Thank you from the kind person who sent me a message thanking me for
sharing.  When I saw there was a new message in Hippocampus I expected
something more than information telling me I made a BOO BOO!!


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