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Sun Oct 13 21:11:31 EST 1996

Craig Hull <c.hull at> enunciated:

>Part of the model suggests (with some experimental 
>evidence to back it up) that it is the total number of nerve impulses 
>from a number of sensory cells that are required to form the input 
>pattern of the "acceptable diet", ie across-fibre patterning. The 
>important point is that depending on the quality of the previous diet, 
>the firing patterns of the various sensory cells will change such that 
>the behavioural feeding response is modified to take in deficient 
>nutrients, but the total number of impulses for all the sensory cells 
>would be roughly the same.

>Any comments? Has there been much experimentation of this area in 
>vertebrate systems, or are entomologists leading the way again?


Patterns are things humans group other things in when the other things
make apparent simularities that are not binary in nature in an attempt
to reduce a non binary function to a binary replication. Firing
patterns are not indicative of causation. They represent pathways
processing similar time sequenced data. It is the value of that data
which is of importance.

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