An Open Letter to Neuroscience

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Mon Oct 14 02:39:29 EST 1996

The only truth is that you are in need of psychiatric evaluation.

Just my 2c worth

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> ...I do understand that the work I've done is already widly-known... 
> and, yes, I know that, as has been the case, in other online places, 
> once more, folks are "subjecting me to the trial"... my "reputation" 
> precedes me where ever I go... "talk B. S. and he'll 'fly off the 
> handle'"...
> ...I just wonder if folks understand how much information is actually 
> being written into the public record... for myself, I don't really 
> care... there's nothing more that I can lose... and frankly, while 
> "neuroscience" gives short shrift to the Truth that it professes to 
> serve, I'll do whatever's necessary to keep myself separate from that...
> ...people are suffering =greatly= because "neuroscience" has refused to 
> deal with the Truth I've laid at its feet...
> ...I don't want to hear any more excuses... and I'm not going to cave in 
> under manipulative pressure... people are dying... Children are being 
> murdered by their own parents... =because= "neuroscience" has refused to 
> come to terms with Truth, and to allow Truth to be communicated...
> ...anyone who wants such can have what's left of my being... I =will= 
> stand with Truth... so if anyone in all of Neuroscience turns their back 
> on Truth, I'm going to do my best to call them to task with respect to 
> such...
> ...I know my "reputation" precedes me... I understand how it is that 
> folks come to interpret strong stand-taking as tanatmount to 
> "aggression"... I understand that such "accusation" is continually being 
> heaped up against me...
> ...but I will stand with Truth... Neuroscience and, indeed, Science in 
> general, has a decision to make... uphold Truth, or I'll declare it to 
> be Murderer...
> ...and what makes me thing that folks will not just flick me aside 
> because this is what's in my heart...? So what... how does the prospect 
> of such blind me to Truth...? 
> that no one gets confused at my motivation in this stand-taking, 
> while not giving up my rights to work with my own work as I see fit, I 
> hereby renounce any "reward" other than that which I will earn through 
> my own labors... when Truth is communicated, I'll just "disappear"...
> ...let me me make it clear... either Neuroscience will uphold Truth, or 
> I will make known Neuroscience's failure to uphold Truth... 
> ...I understand the costs of this stand-taking... I can do no other...
> K. P. Collins
> _____________________________________________________
> People hate because they fear, and they fear because
> they do not understand, and they do not understand 
> because hating is less work than understanding.

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