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kenneth paul collins KPCollins at
Mon Oct 14 17:35:49 EST 1996

Sean Hill wrote:
> I'm a bit surprised to see the number of people arguing with Kenneth Collins.
> If you had all taken up his offer to read his text (A brief introduction to
> Duality Theory) which he made available as an electronic text you would
> understand Mr. Collins' work better.
> I received this program/text combination via e-mail from Mr. Collins and was
> pleased by his courteous and prompt reply including his text.
> As it turned out the text was very poorly written including virtually no
> references and defining no terms clearly.  The key process of T/D E-I
> minimization of which we have heard so much, is never defined in any clear
> sense be that mathematically or otherwise.  It appears Mr. Collins, however
> arrogant or well-meaning, has spent 25 years either going quite mad or has
> found himself unable write a clear description of anything which he has
> discovered.  He certainly has looked at some neuroscience literature and has
> some keywords nicely splashed throughout the text. However there is virtually
> nothing in the entire text which is either clear or consistent.
> After having closely looked at this token of Mr. Collins 25 years of research
> easily convinced me of it's value and the amount of time I would choose to
> consider it further.
> I'm sure Mr. Collins would be glad to share his hypertext with the rest of
> the world to judge for themselves.  Don't take my word for it.
> Cheers-
> Sean

Sean, water is water... a thirsty horse is a thirsty horse... drink, or not...'ve misrepresented the "Automation of Knowing..." ms (AoK) in what you've 
said above... it's straight Neuroscience, all of which reduces directly to the 
proven Neuroscience experimental results... all of the references that are 
qequired to support what's presented in the ms are cited ritht in the ms... AoK is 
intended as a guide to the integration of the stuff contained in those other 
refs... it is exactly what I claim it to be... 

...since you have the ms, pick anything from it, and I'll show you what's in it if 
only you knew the Neuroscience basics upon which Duality Theory is constructed... 
and which are given in the refs cited in AoK...

ken collins
People hate because they fear, and they fear because
they do not understand, and they do not understand 
because hating is less work than understanding.

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