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Mon Oct 14 18:21:36 EST 1996

kenneth paul collins wrote:

> ...neurons tend to atrophy if they are not included in activation
> states... and with robust inclusion, they undergo hypertrophy...

...since this topic's come up, might as well extend it a bit to 
make an important point... or at least =try= to...

...within our brains, the trophic dynamics that are referred to 
above are rigorously-correlated with experience... this means that 
if something is not within an individual's experience, that 
individual will not have developed any neural hypertrophy with 
respect to that which is not within the individual's experience...

...as a result, the individual will not be able to think thoughts 
pertaining to the thing that is not within the realm of the 
individual's experience...

...which, Dear Reader, is why Duality Theory's understanding is so 
"discounted" among "neuroscientists"... the problem, here, is in 
how grad students are =forced= to conform to the status quo at 
particular graduate institutions... and since the professors at 
these institutions are so caught up in publishing this or that new 
result, the professors drag their grad students along on their wild 
good chases (forgive me... there are pursuits that are not such, 
but they are few and far between, aren't they)... the grad 
students' experience results in the development of neural 
activation "states" (experience-driven neural hypertrophy) that 
pertains =not= to Neuroscience in general, but to the =narrow= 
"band" of stuff that held their professors' interests while they 
were students...

...because of this dictatorial stance on the parts of 
"neuroscience" professors (which, it has long seemed to me arises 
out of "professional jealousy"... out of a desire to keep the grad 
students from becoming strong competitors... man-o-man! what 
Ignorant B. S.!), grad students never even begin to study 
=Neuroscience=... they study only some minor subset... yes, yes, 
yes general Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology courses are taken, but 
these do not even begin to convey a sense of their respective 
subjects... what's needed is to give grad students =wide= and 
=detailed= experience in Neuroscience... what's needed is to study 
widely in the library...

...this failing, the grad students pick up their degrees without 
having ever experienced that which would drive the neurons of their 
brains with respect to Neuroscience... as a result of this, we have 
what's been going on here in bionet.neuroscience... folks who are 
unable to think Neuroscience's thought because they've never even 
experienced Neuroscience...

...and, yet, here are such folks roundly beating up on that of 
which they are Ignorant :-)

...I can't "blame" such folks... they are =victims= of their 
experience after all... but I can, and must, call them to task with 
respect to their Ignorance, and insist that they not inflict their 
Ignorance upon innocent others in the same way that their 
professors inflicted Ignorance upon them... failure, here, is 
tantamount to manslaughter...

...there is an unusual aspect of Duality Theory's understanding... 
it is that, if the understanding is attacked and/or rejected, 
before it is understood, the theory's position becomes 
substantiated in the very act of "rejecting" it... (for those who 
have it, see AoK, Ap10)...

...so to Lee, and Colleen, and Sean, although with all my "heart, 
I would have had things unfold otherwise, I must say, sadly, 
=thanks= for your support... ken collins
People hate because they fear, and they fear because
they do not understand, and they do not understand 
because hating is less work than understanding.

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