micro mods to neurons

kenneth paul collins KPCollins at postoffice.worldnet.att.net
Mon Oct 14 17:23:04 EST 1996

> In article <53ti0u$ik7 at ren.cei.net>, lkh at mail.cei.net (Lee Kent Hempfling) writes:
> >I know, I know, I was going to leave this thing alone but Colleen
> >can't be left alone in the pit: To all : please accept apologies for
> >any forthcoming lack of professional decorum.
> just have to thank you for taking the time, lee, to pinch hit for me...
> (and also for the laughs).
> cheers,
> colleen specht

..."misery loves company"...? "Ignorance is bliss"...? "birds of a feather 
flock together"...? "takes one to know one"...?

...Hey, I've got it... you and Lee are really on =my= side... you're just 
graciously arguing, reductio ad absurdum, against my mal treatment :-)

...well, thank you, but as Scientists, we must stick th the 
experimetally-verified facts, m'am :-) ken collins
People hate because they fear, and they fear because
they do not understand, and they do not understand 
because hating is less work than understanding.

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