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>Dear All,
>Is it possible to filter posts to this group?
[...]  I have a feeling I am describing unix news reader-style 'kill'

Exactly. Killfiles are incorporated in many non-Unix newsreaders as 
well. For example, News Express (Windows, Free, by  
kenng at HongKong.Super.Net, found on many ftp-servers)
or Forte Agent (~$29 I think, Windows, can do the 
trick, and I'm sure there are many others. The setup is quite simple:
I kill everything with "cash" in it (notation: .*cash.*), as well as 
"money" etc.

For the Mac, I don't know any specific program, as I don't use a Mac 

If you receive your news via E-mail, it is a bit more difficult. You 
can ask your network administrator if they can set up a "procmail 
filter" for you. You will, however, have to telnet (Terminal via 
Internet) to the mailserver to adjust the killfile, according to new 
boring threads).
Alternatively, it might be possible to find an e-mail client that is 
able to 

a) download the mail-headers, disconnect, and fetch only the ones 
marked to read and
b) do this marking automatically due to an killfile

Maybe, Forte Agent might do the trick, but I don't use it personally, 
because I have direct LAN internet access.

Hope that helps,

Sven E. Haul                             Heinrich-Heine-University
Institute of Neurophysiology             Duesseldorf, Germany

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