micro mods to neurons

kenneth paul collins KPCollins at postoffice.worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 15 15:33:19 EST 1996

Lee Kent Hempfling wrote:

> I tried to assist you in private email and you refused. I tried to
> assist you in public usenet and you refused. Now you have the gall to
> stand on nothing?

...let me be forthright... it's my analysis that what you term "tried to 
assist" is actually "tried to induce me to disclose that which would 
have invalidated my patent rights"... and you've pursued that end in a 
flat-out coercive way that smacks of unbridaled greed... ken collins

People hate because they fear, and they fear because
they do not understand, and they do not understand 
because hating is less work than understanding.

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