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Robert Arnott R.H.Arnott at
Tue Oct 15 04:59:25 EST 1996

Dear All,

Is it possible to filter posts to this group?

Seemingly like others who have recently posted to this group, I am finding
it increasingly difficult to keep pace with the large number of postings
which this group receives.   Part of the problem is that the relatively
small number of interesting, technical posts is becoming more and more
swamped by messages which, frankly, I do not find interesting or useful.

There was a suggestion some time ago that it might be nice to form a
moderated forum for discussions of the sort which used to make up the bulk
of this news group's business.   I imagine that, like me, everyone found
the idea of moderating such a list somewhat daunting.

As an alternative, I wonder whether anyone has come across a method of
filtering posts with, say, unwanted subject headers or unwanted source
addresses?   I have a feeling I am describing unix news reader-style 'kill'
files but, I suspect like many others, I have not always been overly
successful when using the unix o/s.   I don't like to impose on others but
does anyone possibly have advice on implementing news filtering?   Even
better, can anyone advise on methods for conducting similar filtering of
posts received by email (specifically Mac-Eudora)?

I would be most grateful for any help, since otherwise I will have to start
looking for the introductory file which told me how to unsubscribe from
this group.

Very best wishes,

Robert Arnott


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