Diaphramatic Paralysis

Tony Pallante tonp at interaccess.com
Tue Oct 15 18:25:59 EST 1996

I have just spent the week at the Loyola University hospital. They have run
all sorts of tests and are unable to come to a conclusion on the cause of
my problem.

The problem: Started with some shortness of breath 2.5 weeks ago and severe
pain left side from my neck to my shoulder. 4 days ago the pain had shifted
to the right side from neck to shoulder although the left shoulder was
still involved and it was extremely difficult to find a position to breath
from. So to the hospital we go.

X-Rays show partial collapsed lung on left side. Further examination
reveals that the diaphragm is not working at all. MRI and CAT scan all show
clear with no apparent problems. They also ran me through a battery of
electrical stimulus an EMG and an attempt to stimulate a response with
electrical stimulation at my frenetic(?) nerve on my neck. The test from my
neck produced no diaphragm response and the EMG showed that the rest of my
nervous system is not involved. In other words it has not progressed beyond
my neck and diaphragm.

There was no trauma, medication, or other event that would explain the

My oxygen saturation is 95-98 when sitting an drops to 40 when I lay prone.
I have not been able to lay down and breathe without the assistance of a Bi
pap machine which I now must have with me for sleeping. I continue to be
short of breath, unable to sit in certain positions or lie down and have
chronic neck and shoulder pain.

The pulmonary specialist, neurologist, and Diaphragm expert are at a loss
at this point. Any suggestions leads or other information that could help
would be greatly appreciated.

Tony Pallante
tonp at interaccess.com

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