micro mods to neurons

Lee Kent Hempfling lkh at mail.cei.net
Tue Oct 15 03:08:47 EST 1996

kenneth paul collins <KPCollins at postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

>...I stand on everything I've posted... if you've any objections with 
>respect to the Neuroscience I've described, try again... but, Lee, 
>I've been working at a sprinter's pace for 25 years... everything is 
>worked out, and thoroughly-integrated, for "miles in all directions" 
>from anything that's in the theory... and the theory deals with all 
>of Neuroscience... everything is thoroughly corss-correlated with 
>everything else... so, if you bring up this or that, be prepared to 
>Learn, or don't come "knocking"... ken collins

I received a copy of your theory from another source but am unable to
open it in its present form. It works both ways sir. Teach and prepare
to be corrected or in the least, challenged. So far I have seen

I tried to assist you in private email and you refused. I tried to
assist you in public usenet and you refused. Now you have the gall to
stand on nothing?

How's it feel up there in the clouds? Give me something substantive
and perhaps I'll listen. Keep being a real attitude and I'll continue
responding the same way.

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