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Tue Oct 15 03:15:44 EST 1996

kenneth paul collins <KPCollins at postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

>Lee Kent Hempfling wrote:


>Lee, I've read the rest of your long, vacuous 
>message... I'll leave you to deal with the 
>ramifications of what you've posted...

Thank you. Now THIS I can deal with.

vac.u.ous \'vak-y*-w*s\ aj [L vacuus] 1: EMPTY 2: marked by lack of
ideas or intelligence :
STUPID, INANE {~ mind ~ expression} 3: devoid of serious occupation :
IDLE - vac.u.ous.ly av 

Are you sure you looked this one up before you used it? 

You miss a lot when only looking inside your own thoughts. Do you not?

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