An Open Letter to Neuroscience

kenneth paul collins KPCollins at
Tue Oct 15 18:06:42 EST 1996 why all of the "hard words" in this "open letter 
to neuroscience"...?

...try to "stand in my shoes" a bit... I undertook "my" 
research because I saw how the phenomenon of prejudice 
=nonsensically= devastates Lives...

...I worked dedicatedly, but I didn't ask anything of 
anyone until I'd brought things to fruition... then I 
sought to bring the understanding forward, but could 
make no headway... for the better part of 2 decades, 
I've been asking that the Science be communicated... 
there has been no response from Neuroscience...

...and so, the "hard words" of this letter...'s not my intention to single anyone out, or 
anything of the kind... I've looked for other ways for 
20 years =precisely= because I didn't want to "hassle" 

...the "hard words" mean only this: I intend to bring 
Duality Theory's understanding forward... it is with 
respect to =this=... my obligation to Science... that I 
ask that you "stand in my shoes"...

...there's just no way that I can "excuse" myself from 
the need to bring the Science forward... but to bring 
the Science forward I =have to= reach out to the 
community of researchers, don't I...? I can't very-well 
get the understanding communicated without bringing it 
before the community of researchers... the past, I've tried to do this via snail mail, 
telephone calls, visits, seeking out folks at 
conferences, etc... I did everything I could to work 
within "the system"... I understood that folks were busy 
with their own research, etc... so I was patient... and 
all the while, I witnessed folks lives being devastated 
by the dynamics that Duality Theory's understanding 
ameliorates... it's come to this... it's clear to me that I can 
no longer fail those who suffer while "politely" asking 
folks in Neuroscience to allow Duality Theory's 
understanding to be communicated... I'm just going to communicate it... wherever I 
can... it's so sorrowful... in order to just meet my 
obligation as Scientist... in the act of such... no 
matter what I do, unless someone in Neuroscience says, 
"OK, let's have a look"... unless that... in order to 
just do my Science, all of my reaching out to 
Neuroscience simultaneously discloses the "heart" of 
Neuroscience, doesn't it...? is =this= that all the "hard words" of the "open 
letter" are all about... I will do nothing other than 
what Science requires of "Scientist"... work to get the 
Science communicated... will be Neuroscience, itself, that that will 
be the one who will speak all of the "hard words"...

...everyone will "bash" me for what Neuroscience says 
about itself... but I will not be deterred by such...

...can't anyone see that I'm making one last attempt to 
plead with Neuroscience... "do the right thing"... do 
Science... ken collins
People hate because they fear, and they fear because
they do not understand, and they do not understand 
because hating is less work than understanding.

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