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Robert Arnott R.H.Arnott at
Wed Oct 16 06:40:13 EST 1996

Dear Neuroscience Group,

Thank you for so many replies to my post inquiring about filtering.   I am
very grateful to so many people for taking the trouble to offer such
detailed advice.   Since all of the advice which I received was posted to
the group, I will not reiterate what has already been said.   Should anyone
have missed the information about email and newsreader filters please send
me a note (r.h.arnott at and I will forward copies of the replies
which were posted.

I received one criticism of my post on the grounds that I was not asking
about neuroscience but about usenet.   To anyone who feels that I have
breached the bounds of good behaviour, I apologise.

Best wishes to all,

Robert Arnott


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