An Open Letter to Neuroscience

kenneth paul collins KPCollins at
Wed Oct 16 00:11:40 EST 1996 there no one other than me who can see what the 
"problem" is...?

...the "problem" is that, in our "modern" times, largely 
as a perverted result of Darwin's work, "Forgiveness" is 
deemed "dysfunctional" among those who practice 
certain professions... basically Science and the 
Media... and, of course, Lawyers... but they're in a 
whole other category because they deliberately work to 
block Forgiveness for the sake of their "profit$"... 

...Science perverts Darwin's notion of the "survival of 
the fittest" to the extent that Science is left in 
totally-untenable the position of being unable to 
recover from "mistakes"... without Forgiveness the paths 
leading out of the behavioral cul de sacs of a 
"mistakes" are all blocked...

...led on, like moths to a lamp, popular Media follows 
the lead of Science, thinking it quite "proper" and 
"fashionable"... "sophistocated"... to do so...

...and the whole Society works itself into a tangled 
snarl of nobody being able to extracate themselves from 

...that things exist in this way is not only a terrific 
waste, but also constitutes Scientific error... any 
position which operates as if "mistakes" are final, as 
is any position which does not robustly incorporate 
Forgiveness, amounts to an "enshrining" of Ignorance 
with respect to the manner in which our brains process 

...why am I getting into all of this...? it's the view 
that "Forgiveness" is dysfunctional that is preventing 
folks from acknowledging the understanding contained in 
Duality Theory... "good grief! if we acknowledge =that= 
stuff, we'll be made a laughing stock... our funding 
will be jeopardized, ..." and so forth...

...all because "Forgiveness" is deemed to be 
"dysfunctional"... all because Forgiveness is not 
recognized as the Truly-wonderful stuff that it is... 
the "doorway" leading away from the learning-ground that 
is what every "mistake" is...

...but for the absence of respect for Forgiveness 
Science is withholding DT's understanding from those who 
suffer for the lack of such... take, for example, our 
troops over in Bosnia... they're over there, maintaining 
a shaky "peace"... putting their lives on the line... 
and Science is not letting the word go out with respect 
to the wellspring of the nationalistic prejudice and 
ethnic prejudice that's seething within the "hearts" of 
the Bosnians...?

...when I renounce "awards", and say that I'll "vanish" 
after the understanding is communicated, folks suggest 
"lithium", etc... that's not it... what it is is that 
I'm aware of how much I've asked of Science, and I'm 
aware of how difficult things have been... and because I 
understand the need for Forgiveness, I just want to do 
what I can to "open up the door" leading out of the 
savage cul de sac in which my species has existed...

...I don't want the main thing to be "recriminations"... 
just the opposite... 

...but I can't "go away" until my obligation as 
Scientist is fulfilled...

...Forgiveness is not at all "dysfunctional"... the 
ability to Forgive is way up there with respect to 
"fitness"... it's the thing to do... "open the door"... 
let us lift ourselves up in understanding... ken collins
People hate because they fear, and they fear because
they do not understand, and they do not understand 
because hating is less work than understanding.

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