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Wed Oct 16 12:25:28 EST 1996

> > Dr. Malbert,
>         You should be a little careful of people giving 'answers' to simply 
> put questions.  Propofol may bind to many receptor subtypes, and produce 
> actions at most of them (opioid, GABAa, etc.).  It is a great leap to say 
> therefore that an anaesthetic agent acts *ultimately* through a particular 
> single receptor type.  If you are entering anaesthetic research I cannot 
> recommend too strongly the following references, and the groups that 
> produced them:
Actually my question was not related at all on the anesthetic properties
of propofol and I apologize for the bad formulation of my question. The
origin of my question is that I found a surprising effect of propofol on
the gut motility (I mean something that most anesthetics never ever do).
Whereas gaba binding of propofol might be of paramount importance for the
anesthesiologist, I am more interested in "exotic" binding of propofol (if

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