new device for multiunit and units activity analysis

Manager sunny at Planet.COM.TR
Wed Oct 16 13:30:46 EST 1996

Dear Neurophysiologists!

Our company "Sunny International Ltd."  starts the production of the absolutely new 
device for multiunit and units activity analysis.
This device is an invention patented in the USA (No:5557800,Issue date:09/17/96) and
 together with the Software gives you opportunity to:

1.Input units activity to any IBM PC-compatible computer from the recorded tape
  or in real time.
2.Distinguish 16(sixteen) different spike waveforms.
3.Have all time characteristics of the activity.
4.Analyze the waveform of the classified spikes.

The doubtless advantages of this device are opportunities to: 
a)Manual regulating of the level of the classified spikes 
  relatively to the noise; 
b)Manual regulating of the accuracy of the amplitude in the 
  limits of the selected D (delta).

The main advantage is that this device transfers the information to the PC 
in the compressed form.
It makes possible to do the experiments which are practically unlimited in time.

For example:
If 16 different forms repeated 1000 times during the period of time T=5min., 
and each form takes 128 bytes - the coefficient of compression is equal 338.6!!!
So, you can keep your experimental information on your computers HDD or FDD 
and save thousands of kilobytes of the disk space at the same time.


Frequency of input signal               100-5000Hz; 
Amplitude of input signal               -5V-+5V; 
Max.Number of classified signals        16; 
Voltage                                 220V, 50Hz;

All who are interested can reach us for the additional information at:

E-mail: sunny at

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