Hitting head, seeing stars

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Thu Oct 17 07:53:14 EST 1996

> Another idea, Oliver Sack researched aurea's during migraine attacks. So 
> it is possible that with a head bang you temporarilly deprive your 
> visual cortex of input after which this areas go and generate 
> chaotic-like patterns. 
Oliver Sacks wrote the book Migraine.  Oliver's current perception
has drifted toward giving computer programs a migraine and seeing
how a picture developes.  This suggest that he is aware that
neuro oscillation INTERACT.  True you can have an interaction
from lack of stimulation since carrier oscillations would be present
but I doubt that Oliver is aware of concept.

The key concept is that ALL information is effected by a current
experience.  Chaotic-like patterns occur when BALANCE in neuro
processing goes critical and lost of inhibitory control has occurred.

> I have no refs for Sacks; I've only seen some tv-interview (extensive) 
> on dutch television and I have the dutch text of these interviews. 'Een 
> schiterend ongeluk' from 'uitgeverij Contact'.
> Daniel Dennet has a certain point of view, that is 'vision-demons' just 
> go on with making 'pictures' and as a result you see stars;
I doubt that is Dennet's true position.  Dennet's ideas are very
interesting.  For example how do you model a four legged creature moving.
It can be done with an imaginary single leg.

I have not said these things to attack your statements, but to
share what little I know.  If you had not posted your comments
I would have not been motivated to post mine.
Ron Blue
> it's not 
> exactly what he is saying, but you may extract this from his story. 
> Sorry, it's a time ago I've read it. But the title is: 'Consiousness 
> explained'.
> Jeroen

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