Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Thu Oct 17 07:23:47 EST 1996

> I for one was very interested to read the post from the hippocampal patient 
> (perhaps sufficiently to postpone my unsubscription from this group for 
> a while!). The emotional affects were interesting -- a classical medial 
> temporal-lobe lesion. (Note for those not familiar with the literature: 
> the emotional effects of such lesions are now thought to be due to 
> amygdala damage during a surgical lesion).
A recent article in either Science or Nature sorry I don't remember
which one discussed that there was up to a 10 percent lost in
hippocampal mass in people who were chronically depressed.  One side
was more involved than the other for the lost.  It was speculated
that GCH caused the deterioration since similar lost was reported
in Post-tramatic stress syndrome.  Ron Blue

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