An Open Letter to Neuroscience

kenneth paul collins KPCollins at
Wed Oct 16 20:40:14 EST 1996

White Michelle Jean wrote:
> what is the Truth referred to?
> perhaps i have missed most of the discussion.
> a struggling student of neuroscience
> mwhite at

Michelle Jean, please read the new message I've posted
in bionet.neuroscience... "The Principle that Orders
Everything within the CNS"...'s a very-long story... I've done this verified
work... it contracicts very fundamental notions with
respect to human behavior (joyously)... and folks tend
to have negative kneee-jerk reactions to it...

...because the work explains how prejudice arises within
our nervous systems, I'm obligated to just "hang in"
until the understanding is communicated... ken collins
People hate because they fear, and they fear because
they do not understand, and they do not understand
because hating is less work than understanding.

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