The Principle that Orders Everything within the CNS

kenneth paul collins KPCollins at
Wed Oct 16 19:05:12 EST 1996

A single principle organizes everything that occurs 
within our CNSs, including their developmental wiring 

...our nervous systems are physically structured, 
throughout their entire extents, so that their 
functioning will automatically "seek" to achieve a single 
goal... the minimization of the topologically-distributed 
ratios of excitation to inhibition that are occuring 
within them...

...a straight-forward example of the functionality of 
this unifying principle exists in the dynamics of pain 
avoidance... the problem of activating the effectors so 
that the body will move away from environmental sources 
of noxious stimulation is of infinitely-large scope 
because the sources of pain can come from any direction 
in the environment...

...a survey of the experimental literature shows that 
"the" nervous system resolves the infinitely-large pain 
avoidance problem by "simply" transforming 
relative degrees of topographically-mapped excitation 
into proportionately-correlated, topographically-mapped 
inhibition, thus inverting the the original stimulus set, 
and projecting the result back to the effectors... 
colloquially, the pain sensation comes into the nervous 
system as a "mountain" of excitation, and, while 
preserving topographical-mapping correlations with 
respect to the body-environment interface, that 
"mountain" is inverted into a "valley" of excitation, and 
the "valley" of excitation is passed back to the 

...thus, the topography that is correlated with the 
greatest degree of noxious stimulation receives the least 
post-inversion excitation... this means that the effector 
activations that were responsible for moving the body 
into contact with the environmental source of noxious 
stimulation will now be most inhibited... thus, an 
"arrest reaction" will occur with respect to motion in 
the direction of the environmental source of the noxious 

...the easiest way to see that all of this stands 
verified is to consider the curious loss of pain & 
temperature sensation that occurs following unilateral 
hemisection of the brain stem at the level of the 
medulla... pain & temp sensation are lost on the same 
side of the face but on the opposite side of the body...

...this syndrome occurs because pain & temp sensation 
from the face is conveyed via the ipsilateral spinal 
trigeminal tract, but pain & temp sensation from the body 
is conveyed by the crossed spinothalamic tract...

...both of these tracts give off collaterals which 
converge upon reticular nuclei which project 
ipsilaterally to the cerebellum... the outputs of the 
cerebellum, which arise exclusively from the purkinje 
cells, are entirely-inhibitory...

...the logic of the head-body pain-temp-difference 
becomes clear when one considers how the head should move 
with respect to pain to the fact and to the body...

...the head should move away from pain to the face... 
thus sparing the eyes from injury, but the head should 
orient toward pain to the body so that the eyes can 
assist in the avoidance problem...

...and when these dynamics are correlated with the 
functional neuroanatomy, it is verified that all that is 
occurring is that the topologically-distributed ratios of 
excitation to inhibition are, in fact, being blindly 
minimized, and that behavior that is appropriate with 
respect to environmental sources of noxious stimulation 
are automatically produced via such TD E/I 
minimization... is just as straight-forward to show that the same 
TD E/I minimization principle applies to the whole CNS... 
although to give an introductory account of such requires 
about 5 hours of presentation time because there is so 
much that has to be covered and integrated...

...what's presented here will stand as incontrovertible 
Truth for all time... or at least until evolutionary 
dynamics modify the very fundamental neural architecture 
of "the" CNS... K. P. Collins
People hate because they fear, and they fear because
they do not understand, and they do not understand 
because hating is less work than understanding.

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