Diaphramatic Paralysis

Wolfgang Stein wstein at rhrk.uni-kl.de
Thu Oct 17 09:22:32 EST 1996

Dear Tony,

perhaps there is some information missing for people to completely understand 
your desease.
1. Diaphragma Paralysis - does this mean, that the diaph. is no longer there 
or reduced in its shape or does it mean just "out of function"
2. Has the diaphragma itself been stimulated with electric pulses to test if 
it is still capable to contract.
3. Do you conclude that the nerve connections between your neck and your 
diaph. are inefficient or destroyed?

If it is a problem of the diaph. itself (then a direct electr. stim. should 
help - is this what your Bi-pap machine does???) an examination of the 
muscle cells themselves could help to find a cause (speculation: All 
intracellular Calcium gone).

I hope you will soon find a solution.

Best regards,

wstein at rhrk.uni-kl.de

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