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Fri Oct 18 11:02:37 EST 1996

During the last decade, the production of transgenic mice,
with different gene expression provided a valuable tool for
the study of genes involved in cardiovascular functions in
recipient. In small animal, the hemodynamic measurement is
very limited because of the animal size. The most important
and basic cardiovascular parameters, considered by physiologists
and pharmacologists, are cardiac output, blood pressure, heart
rate and stroke volume. Despite the plethora of instruments
currently available for studying the above mentioned parameters
in laboratory animals, no such instrument can measure all four
parameters simultaneously except CARDIOMAX-IIR. Thermo-
dilution technique in measuring cardiac output is most frequently
used in human and in different animals. A little information is
available in measuring cardiac output in mice. Recently, we have
established the measurement of cardiac output in mice by
thermodilution technique using CARDIOMAX-IIR. We injected
a bolus of 15 ul of saline (room temp.) through jugular vein to the
vena cava and the resultant change in temperature was measured
in the arch of aorta. We found that cardiac output in mice ranges
between 10 and 12 ml/min. If you are interested in receiving more
information, please provide your street address, I will mail you all


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